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Ushijima simp you can make requests but like 1 percent chance that I'm actually gonna see it😭 ... Calls you good girl and hands you your test with a soft smile; He cares a lot. ... tobirama senju tobirama tobirama x reader naruto tobirama headcanons tobirama angst angst au uhhh maybe an actual fanfic idea tobirama is an asshole. 2021. 3. 17.

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  • multi game dining table. clingy and possessive s/o . hi 撁 Im so sorry this took so long, school has been kicking my butt I hope you like it, and once again I'm rlly sorry!! ━━━━━━♑♀♑━━━━━━ characters : iwaizumi, ushijima headcannons warning : bad writing a swear word or two ━━━━━━♑♀♑━━━━━━ hajime iwaizumi.Iwaizumi Hajime. Ushijima x reader he calls you clingy Hinata is clingy. Not in a good way, but the kinda that is obsessively clingy. He wants to be around you 24/7 and expects you to show up to all his matches and doesn't care if you're busy that day. He constantly makes you neglect your friends and family in order to spend more time with him. Search: Jealous Ushijima X Reader Lemon. 2022. 4. 3. · When they call you clingy ( Ushijima, Kuroo, Iwaizumi) part one (atsumu, osamu, suna ) genre: angst, fluff. A/n: even though i just posted this is technically my first work β€œback” so I hope you like it! And this is my longest work yet a h h. word count: 3.4k. As. Tutor ( Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader ) by Molten. 1.2M 63.6K 73. After losing touch with your friends from high school you try to make new connections through the internet. That's how you stumble on a youth who is looking for someone. seiu 503 covid pay; ross county property taxes; p0201 bmw; how to pull ips; import metahuman to unreal engine 5 ; norcold n811 dimensions;. Ushijima x reader he calls you clingy 2014. 8. 22. Β· It's a 50% thing. He turned around and faced the female running towards him. "Oi. Don't run in the hallways, dumbass." muttered Kageyama as the female latched herself on his arm. The said female was giggling as they walked further in the hallway. 2021. 8. 7. · haikyuu feeling clingy after work and y/n not being home pt. 4. featuring: suna rintarou, kyoutani kentarou, and kuroo tetsurou. warnings: none, sfw, bad pet names. haikyuu x g/n reader . a/n: this will be the final part unless I get enough requests for another. thank you guys for all the love on these and requests for this prompt and in general are open <3. Search: Jealous. 2020. 8. 6. · Bound By Danger (Ushijima Wakatoshi x Male!Reader) (Policeman AU) When one out of three notorious thieves get captured by the police.Ushijima thought that his squad were finally catching a break.He had been hunting and preventing crime for years and simple thieves were not going to get the best of him.Reader-Insert.Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued..

    Ushijima x reader he calls you clingy

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    2019. 3. 14. · You ’re a Princess, Toshi. ( Ushijima x Reader ) Request: Can I get a Halloween scenario where Ushijima and his s/o take their daughter trick or treating and his daughter says she’ll only go trick or treating if Ushijima dresses up as a princess to match her knight costume?Thank you . A/N: Thank you for waiting!!!! I hope you enjoy!.